Network Services

Connecting your computers to each other and the internet can be complicated, but that’s our expertise so we’ll take care of that for you. We understand that you want a system that “just works” and that’s what we want to create for you, but also a system that works well and has a well running machine that is maintained and cared for. We do everything in our power to keep your systems up and running, and make backups for unexpected times.

Definition: A network service is function provided by the network infrastructure that offers value to the business process.

What does that mean? Network Services is defined as speed of your network, Quality of Service (QOS) of the network, filtering (unwanted websites and phishing and hacking scams), resiliency & redundancy (back up network connections).

If you’ve ever said, “My Network Sucks” or “I wonder what my employees are doing on MY network”, or “What if I accidentally mis-use|expose my network?”, then JMD Consulting can help.