Project Management System

The best way to get things done is to divide your projects into smaller tasks, and create a plan for how to get to your goal. This software is designed to help you do exactly that. It’s perfect for a company that has several clients and several employees, and wants to keep track of which employee is working on what project, and where they are in getting the project done. Ikiru is a Project Management System.

We’ve designed the user interface to be intuitive, so when you need to add a client you simply click on the + next to Clients. Filtering your Tasks is as simple as clicking on the User/Client/Project that they belong to. Reordering the priority of those Tasks is a simple drag and drop.


Key Features

Most of your needs can be done from the Dashboard, showing you all the details you need to know for the projects you are managing. But there are also a wealth of other features including:

InterActions – To record each time you communicate with the client

Devices – To keep track of what computers your client has

WorkSessions – To keep track of the time spent by each User on which Tasks and Projects

Invoices – Easy building of invoices to pay employees or to bill clients.

Task Estimator – To build a rough estimation of a project for Clients

Passwords – Administrators can keep track of the passwords associated with Client projects

System Requirements

Application: Ikiru

Platform:  Filemaker 13

Version:  4.0
Price:  $250.00