Author: JMD


So now that I have broached the subject of passwords, I want to spend some more of my writings talking about password theories. I know this sounds kind of boring but it is important and I’ll try to keep things brief and at a pretty high level rather than a in depth view. *** First, […]

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Backup Strategies for Macs

Over the years, I have modified my recommendations for backup strategies. Most of these changes have come about due to actual situations that have come up with various clients. The quick and dirty basics are that you have at least 2 different pieces of software running at all times and that you are backing up […]

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Why is my high speed internet connection so slow?

Ok, first this will probably have to be a series of articles but I’m going to start with the big one. Now that Google has forced the rest of the internet service providers (ISP) in Austin to start upgrading their networks, everyone is going to start seeing the weaknesses in their networks. ***The biggest issue […]

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